Genuine historical past behind the identify Voltaire in Visakhapatnam

Waltair, Visakhapatnam has well-known residential space as Chinna and Pedda Waltair. It is rather well-known for the Waltair Membership established by the British and the various espresso outlets that the locals like to go to. The identify Voltaire is believed to have come from a British collector who labored right here within the 18th century. Vijjeshwarpu Edward Paul, Metropolis historical past fanatics show this etymology of Voltaire in Visakhapatnam incorrect and convey to you the true story behind the identify of Voltaire.

It’s typically believed that Voltaire received its identify from a high-ranking civilian or army British officer. However in actuality, it’s a pure Telugu phrase, however it’s mispronounced and thus misspelled by the English. There was a storm water drain, which was domestically known as Valuteru Gedda. written as ” in telugu, It ought to have been spelled in English as Walteru but it surely was spelled “Voltaire” incorrectly. The identical spelling remained in use for greater than two centuries and continues to be in use at present.

Within the olden days, two settlements named Chinna Walteru and Pedda Walteru have been developed on the east facet of the stream. The Highlands to the south of those Pedda and Chinna Walteru, the British known as the Waltair Highlands or the Waltair Uplands. The British officers most popular their residence there because the Waltair Upland was greater and cooler than the previous city. In 1727 the British started to seize the higher reaches of Waltair.

Throughout British instances, a big space comprising Pedda and Chinna Waltair was demarcated and constituted into an property, named Waltair Property and auctioned for income assortment functions. In British historical past, the complete space inside the Waltair Property that we at present name the Waltair in Visakhapatnam.

The Waltair, which derives its identify from Valuteru Gedda (stream), originated as small ravines on the northern slope of the current Siripuram – Visakha Eye Hospital Street. As could be seen within the map of the Purple Sand Hills under, Valuteru is the supply of the nallah. It began there as a storm water drain by the current Engineering School and Hostel, Pithapuram Colony, Shivajipalem and MVP Colony. It then joined the stream that was coming from Hanumanthavaka and merged into the ocean at Lawson’s Bay. As could be seen on the map, at a spot between two small settlements, often known as Shivajipalam, it widened for size on its approach northwards, then narrows earlier than assembly Hanumanthavaka. Performed. The broad half close to Shivajipalam seems to have been a deep water physique.

Authentic history behind the name Voltaire in Visakhapatnam

The event of town and the development actions round its course have been the explanation for the disappearance of the Valuteru stream at present. The opening of the Andhra College Engineering School and the development of hostel buildings starting in 1955 destroyed the Purple Sand Hills. Later improvement and development actions within the current Pithapuram Colony and MVP colonies reduce off the channels feeding the massive water physique of Valuteru close to Shivajipalam. Because of this, the reservoir has dried up.

As soon as a reservoir dries up, it turns into a pure place to dump rubbish and waste. This dried up lowland was utilized by the municipality as a dumping floor for a number of years, maybe a decade or two. The native residents created a ruckus concerning the dumping and the authorities have been pressured to shift the dumping yard to a faraway place. Lastly, the water physique of Valuteru Gedda was developed into an exquisite park known as Shivaji Park. With this Valuteru Gedda was destroyed with out leaving any hint.

This Valuteru Gedda gave his identify to among the nice establishments of Visakhapatnam. A membership began by the British authorities in 1883 with land bought from the homeowners of the Waltair property was named “Voltaire Membership” and continues below the identical identify at present.

Through the development of the railway in 1893, the railway station closest to the Waltair Property was named Waltair Railway Station. One other station which was close to Visakhapatnam metropolis was named Vizagpatnam Railway Station. The Vizagpatnam City railway station was closed within the Seventies. Later within the Nineteen Eighties, Waltair station was renamed as Visakhapatnam station.

Earlier than the Waltair railway station was renamed as Visakhapatnam, the station identify was written in Telugu as “.,

Authentic history behind the name Voltaire in Visakhapatnam

When Andhra College was shifted from Vijayawada to Visakhapatnam, in 1930 it was established within the former Waltair Property and its handle was given as Andhra College, Waltair. With the pin code for postal handle being required for postal communication the handle is now given as Andhra College Visakhapatnam 530003. Nevertheless, all certificates issued by the college nonetheless point out the place of problem as Voltaire.

The unique identify, Valuteru Gedda, has disappeared from historical past, however its modified identify Waltair nonetheless continues in Visakhapatnam.

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